Egyptian Cooking School Incursion

Dyna’s work with our Year 7’s was an inspiration.  She breathed life and excitement into Ancient Civilisations which still has students’ talking. 

She was organised and a pleasure to work with.  I could not recommend her more highly.”

Mr Andrew Neil

Principal at Bacchus Marsh Grammar


Why learn about Ancient Egypt from a book when you can make and taste food of the Pharaohs!

What better way to introduce the topic or to bring together learning from history and hospitality than with the ultimate Ancient Egypt Senior School Cooking Incursion.

The Dyna Eldaief Ancient Egypt Senior School Cooking Incursion program is designed to cater for high school students undertaking studies in Ancient Egypt and/or Hospitality.  The program offers students the opportunity to explore a wide range of experiences and to build upon their skills, interest and abilities through cooking in a school cooking environment.  The program portrays the highest expectations for all student learning through the following learning outcomes:


Students are involved in their learning

Students connect with and contribute to their world

Students understand and negotiate cultural differences

Students practice effective communication and working collaboratively

Student understanding is enriched through hands on learning


Program goals

The program aspires to :

Enrich student learning by providing a practical and hands on experience in a school setting.

Offer a safe, friendly and open atmosphere for students to explore potentially unique or foreign ingredients.

Provide a developmentally appropriate program that stimulates curiosity.

Offer dishes from a historical perspective or culturally relevant to their Ancient Egypt studies.

Assist staff and parents in building students’ confidence and self esteem through responsible interactions with ingredients and food preparation.

Encourage and support staff in their teaching of cultural material related to Ancient Egyptian studies and or food preparation with a Middle Eastern focus.


Introduction to Dyna


Dyna Eldaief has achieved a reputation as an expert in Egyptian Cooking that first began with an online presence and an invitation to appear as a contestant for the biggest reality television cooking show in the Middle East “The Taste”.  She has gone on to publish a cookbook “The Taste of Egypt” through the American University in Cairo Press which was launched September 2017.  

The Cookbook has been recognised Globally as the National Winner (EGYPT) Best Arab Cuisine and Best Mediterranean Cuisine – World Gourmand Cookbook awards. 2017.  

Dyna has done numerous author talks and speaking engagements, has run cooking classes and her latest engagement was with P&O Cruises as a guest presenter for their Melbourne food and wine cruise in November 2017.  

Dynas passion for cooking food from her heritage and her enthusiasm to share the food with others has lead her to cooking in schools and giving students an opportunity to prepare food and taste food from this region but also to reinforce knowledge learned during their Ancient Egypt studies.  



The aim of the program is to broaden students cultural and historical understanding through preparing Egyptian food and bringing together the broader subject areas of History and Hospitality.


Preparation day prior to day of incursion (myself along with staff of Hospitality to prepare food including the students with allergies).

Incursion day runs from 9am – lunchtime.

The luncheon is set out for students to collect a plate with a sample of each item for them to try.

After lunch the students return to their scheduled classes for the rest of the afternoon.

This is an enrichment program which utilizes current knowledge but also allows for follow up education and project work.  E.g. Understanding the use of spices, dry ingredients, herbs. Sourcing of ingredients, growing, shopping for middle eastern foods etc.

What does this enrichment program cost?

Melbourne Metropolitan prices, current January 2018.

Total Cost: $5,990 +GST (which corresponds to approximately $30 per person*)

The program recipes be altered to suit the needs of your school but includes the following :

  1. Preparation day
    • This being the day prior to Luncheon day
    • Assisting hospitality staff in their preparations for the luncheon which includes food preparation for students with allergies
    • Usually 3-4 hours
  2. Luncheon day menu (this is set in collaboration with your school).
  3. A recipe list
  4. An ingredient list
  5. Luncheon day from 9 am to lunchtime (up to 4 hours), inclusive of :
    • A 20 – 30 minute presentation to the entire year 7 level to discuss learning outcomes around the Ancient Egypt topic during the History curriculum.
    • Followed by dividing the year level into groups in a kitchen setting or commercial kitchen establishment.
    • Each group given the ingredients and the recipe to prepare for the Luncheon.
    • Assisting in the service of food.

*based on 200 students and/or staff

Please Note:  

  • Signed copies of  “The Taste of Egypt” cookbook can be ordered ahead and delivered to the school on the day of the Incursion. Please contact me for more information.
  • Once a booking is made, you will receive a confirmation of date and invoice.
  • 50% of payment is requested to confirm booking and the remainder on the day of presentation.
  • 7 Days cancellation prior to your booking requires full payment.

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